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A relaxing space, a special time.

All rooms are deluxe rooms and can be used by families and couples for a wide range of purposes.
Enjoy the finest relaxation to your heart's content.

Room list

There are 8 guest rooms with a resort-like atmosphere, and you can choose according to various situations.
Smoking is prohibited in this facility.
Please smoke at the smoking area outside the entrance.
  • 101 Shofu shofu

    There is no adjacent room, so it is the only room for 2 people that can be quietly spent.
    Both the bedroom and living room are Western-style rooms, one for adults.
    2 adults
    Western-style room 44.8㎡
    Bed types
    1 double bed
  • 102 Chikuei chikuei

    It is possible to separate the Japanese-style room from the Western-style room, but it is also recommended to open the bran and spend time in a luxurious space full of liberation.
    It is a convenient room near the entrance hall and the restaurant.
    4 adults
    Japanese + Western room 44.8㎡
    Bed types
    1 king bed/ /2 sets of Japanese futon
  • 103 Baiho baiho

    In addition to a bedroom and a large Japanese-style room, there is also a living room equipped with a kitchenette, making it a recommended room for long-term stays.
    5 adults
    Japanese + Western room 73.5㎡
    Bed types
    1 double bed/ /3 sets of Japanese futon
  • 201 Oiboshi oiboshi

    A Japanese-style room with two consecutive rooms is an attractive corner room.
    The scent of tatami mats and the floor plan reminiscent of an inn are special specifications only for the Oiboshi
    There are no steps between the rooms, so it is recommended for guests with young children.
    4 adults
    Japanese-style room 44.8㎡
    Bed types
    4 sets of Japanese futon
  • 202 Mutsuki mutsuki

    There is a bedroom with a modern Japanese taste and a living room with a stylish reading room, making it a room that makes you want to relax.
    3 adults
    Western-style Japanese-style room 44.8㎡
    Bed types
    2 semi-double mattresses/ /1 single mattress
  • 203 Watatsumi watatsumi

    The Chikuei, but it is a space where you can enjoy a more liberating feeling.
    From the window, you can see Sagami Bay and Izu Oshima Island
    You can also see the sunrise from late October to around March.

    The hot spring bath is nearby, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the hot springs many times.
    The Japanese-style room can be partitioned by closing the sliding doors.
    5 adults
    Japanese + Western room 44.8㎡
    Bed types
    1 king bed/ /3 sets of Japanese futon
  • 205 Amagi amagi

    The bedroom is a luxurious two-sided lighting, three-room corner room.
    It has a living-dining room and a kitchenette, and is recommended for small parties in groups.
    If you are traveling with children, you can add one set to accommodate up to 5 people.

    From late October to early March, you can see the sunrise from Oshima Island
    5 adults
    Japanese + Western room 67.2㎡
    Bed types
    2 single mattresses/ /2 sets of Japanese futon
  • 206 Omuro omuro

    The large 25-square-meter Japanese-style room and the two 15-square-meter Japanese-style rooms are perfect for traveling with a large number of people.
    There are no adjacent rooms, so guests with children can use it without hesitation.
    Not only can it accommodate up to 14 people, but it can also be used for various purposes such as training and meetings.
    14 adults
    Japanese-style room 73.5㎡
    Bed types
    14 sets of Japanese futon

List of guest room facilities

Number of rooms

8 rooms in total:1 Western-style room/ /2 Japanese-style rooms/ /4 Japanese + Western rooms/ /1 Western-style Japanese-style room

Guest Room Equipment

All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi/ /Air conditioning in all rooms/ /Freezer / refrigerator/ /TV set/ /Satellite broadcasting/ /Hairdryer/ /Shower or bathroom/ /Toilet with hot water washer/ /Full-length mirror/ /Three-sided mirror/ /Tea set


yukata/ /slipper/ /bath towel/ /Face towel/ /shampoo/ /conditioner/ /Body Soap/ /Body towel/ /Shower cap/ /Shaving/ /Comb/ /Toothbrush set/ /Cotton swabs

Rental service

thermometer/ /Humidifier with air purifier/ /Extension cord/ /Power strip/ /Nail cutting/ /iron

Outline of facility

Table tennis/ /Bars((For a charge)/ /Karaoke facility/ /BBQ((For a charge)/ /No-smoking room

Service & Leisure((Including arrangements)

fishing((For a charge)/ /diving((For a charge)/ /Shogi

Locally available credit card

JCB / Visa / Master/ /AMEX / NICOS / Diners/ /SAISON

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time



【No smoking allowed inside the building】
Smoking is prohibited in this facility.Please smoke in the smoking area outside the entrance.